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Love What You Do

In the past few weeks I can’t count how many times I have been asked, “Does ZEAL have any job openings?!”  Once people find out that there is a company that helps push their employees to do what they love to do, they want in.

We are a small team at ZEAL, but a strong family who is tied to our roots even as we grow.  ZEAL just launched internationally and the brand is expanding, but ZEAL will remain grounded and committed to what is important.  We strive to live passionately and with purpose:  to give back to the community, while following our own ZEAL and quest for adventure.

When I approached ZEAL’s director of marketing, Joe Prebich with Ben and my idea to bike the entire Pacific West coastline, I expected the typical boss reply, “That sounds nice, but I need you here.  Can you do it in a few days?”  What I got instead was, “That’s awesome!  Yes.  Blog and spread the ZEAL word on your way.  As long as you can keep the work and words flowing, you’ve got our full support.  This is what it is all about!”

I was shocked, but I shouldn’t have been.  This is what ZEAL is ALL about.  We are more than just a sunglass and goggle company.  ZEAL helps people to see what they are capable of and just wants to go along for the ride.  We provide a vision for a lifestyle that adds to your life.

You don’t have to go on a two-month bike tour to find your passion.  You can do that within your own workweek or weekend.  Get out of your own comfort zone.  Do something that inspires others to live their lives to the fullest, whether it’s planting a local garden, helping build a brand, or planning a trip to the jungle.

What I am saying is that if you aren’t doing what you love, you’re missing out.  Get up, find that fuel that gets you going and live everyday to the fullest.  My advice to all of you who want to love what you do:

1)   Find something you are passionate about

What sparks your interest?  Can you work in a field that surrounds and supports that interest?

2)   Make sure you work with people who build you up and help you learn

This is a key component to loving what you do.  Surrounding yourself with positive influencers is something that will strongly impact your life.

3)   Take chances

Be bold!  No one ever got anywhere by sitting around waiting for something to happen!  Make it        happen!

Follow your passion, Follow ZEAL.