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Silverdale and Farmer Blows

Ben and I started off to a brisk, but blue-sky morning.  Our breath steamed in front of us as we peddled our way out of Port Townsend.  Knowing today was to be the hardest thus far, with more climbs and distance than ever before we set out determined to conquer it.  Clad in our warm gear and our ZEAL’s we were smiling and well-rested after our time in Port Townsend.

The sailboats rocked and the town was quiet as we slipped on out.  Immediately we hit some rather large hills, but the grade wasn’t too bad and we managed them easily.

My advice to anyone trying to do a similar trip with as little experience as we have is to just go slow, always be able to hold a conversation with your riding partner, don’t push yourself because there is a long way to go.  I pushed myself too hard on the first few days and paid for it.  Now I’m feeling great and ready for it!

Side note: Ben also recently taught me a very important skill while biking in the cold- the farmer blow.  Ladies…. yes, I know its gross.  I never would have thought I would be shooting snot rockets roadside, ever.  But it is a critical skill on the bike!  I am not talented enough to pull out Kleenex every few miles without stopping to wipe my nose, although I would love to!  I did misfire once.  A huge splat landed straight onto my forearm…fail.

All along the way, the sides of the roads were covered in dense forest and a tall canopy of cedar trees.  With all the rain, the air fills with the scent of cedar and smoke from nearby fireplaces, it’s heavenly. 

As Ben and I went through 10 miles rather quickly, we were feeling really pumped.  Then about 20 miles in the rain started, heavier than any rain we’d experienced thus far.  I could feel the water pouring off my nose and chin.  It started to get miserable.  Hill after hill all I was thinking about was our next stop in Poulsbo, the town both my dad and Ben’s mom had suggested.    The cute Scandinavian town was a few miles off route and as we hit more climbs heading into it, both Ben and I started to grumble.

We finally made it and stopped at a pub in the middle of quaint Poulsbo, which I’d imagine would be breathtaking in the summer.  After five cups of tea each and a hearty meal, we were back on the road and made it easily to Silverdale after one very long ascent and descent.