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Cannon Beach and the Mist

We approached Cannon Beach after a steep downhill grade and a long uphill climb.  It was sprinkling.  We’ve found it is very rare for water not to be draining from the sky in the Pacific Northwest.

Cannon Beach is absolutely my favorite little beach town we’ve visited.  It’s quaint cottage culture is irresistible.  With a focus on handcrafted artisan work, the community is unique and beautiful.  We got lucky and arrived in the midst of an art festival.  Ben and I splurged a little and got a cottage with a fireplace that smelled like a cozy sauna due to it being wrapped in cedar.  You appreciate everything all the more when you are on an adventure like this.  The warmth from a fire, a hot shower, a bed, and a cup of tea are all 10 times better than they’ve ever seemed before.

We set out to explore the town and walked out to the seashore.  Unreal.  Both Ben and I were speechless as we looked out at the sea grass and giant rock outcroppings jutting out of the ocean.   Cannon Beach holds the most picturesque coastline we’ve seen.  It has a magical feel to it.  After a rather hysterical photo shoot on the beach, Ben and I attended a local art gallery open house which gave us access to free food and drinks and some really beautiful art. 

Following a local’s advice, Ben and I headed to the Irish Table for dinner, a rustic and cozy restaurant that was turning people away when we entered.  Somehow they took our reservation for one hour later and sent us to the bar next door.  The bar was set in a hardware store!  It was such a fun atmosphere.  Ben and I sipped on our glasses of wine next to the wrench section.

Two older couples sat across from us.  Midway through our time there one of the old men spoke up, “This is what’s wrong with America today! “ nodding our way.  Ben and I were both searching for the following nights lodging on our phones, while not talking to each other.  We looked up and laughed, explaining our situation.   We must’ve looked like that couple that can’t stand each other.  Ben was quick to explain he was sick of me, with that impish grin of his.

The next day…

Turn on a showerhead with a light flow of cold water and point it directly in your face for five hours; do that and you will know exactly how today felt.  With strong winds from the south today Ben and I were pelted with a light rain that constantly poured down our faces.  I kept joking that I had a water beard as it streamed off my chin. 

Here goes!  More to come on today’s riding once we’ve had a rest.